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It is the political representation of citizens before the Congress. It is the most important display of the existence of democracy; the citizens can elect or be elected according to the provisions of Law and freedom established in the Constitution of 1991. Members of the House of Representatives are politically in charge of carrying out duties related to its position before society and their electors.

The house of Representatives is one of the corporations that along with the Senate is part of the Legislative Branch of the Colombian Sovereign Power. Its main duties are: to reform the Constitution, legislate and exercise political control over the Government. The House is a corporation with 166 legislators which are also called Representatives of the House; they are elected for a four-year term through citizens’ vote with reelection option for the next terms. Its seat is located at the capital city of the Nation.           


Gobierno en Linea
Presidencia de La República

Portal Único Contratación

Senado de la República

Capitolio Nacional Calle 10 No 7-50

Tel (57+1) 3823000 (57+1) 3824000 (57+1) 3825000

Línea Gratuita 018000122512


Horario de Atención Lunes a Viernes de 8:30 am a 5:30 pm

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